Joomla Day UK 2009 a huge success

I’ve just returned to Washington DC after a great 5 day trip to the UK for the Joomla Day UK 2009 event, and while I might not be at SXSW, I’m happy I made the decision to head to Maidstone for this terrific event.

When I first met Andy Wallace at the LinuxExpo Live in late 2008, I knew he was excited to put on a Joomla Day event for the UK; however, little did I know that he’d combine a terrific venue with more than 110 Joomla users, developers, and designers for one of the best Joomla Days I’ve ever attended.

There’s lots I could say about the great sessions, but all that fun can be found by Twitter searching for #joomladayuk.

Instead, I want to talk about this photo.  This photo sums up what happens at Joomla Days that make them the most unique technology events I attend.  After one day together, my fellow Joomla Day UK attendees turned into good friends.  Sharing stories, talking through frustrations, and generally bringing to life the true power of Joomla: the ability to bring people and ideas together.

An email I’ve already received from one of the attendees sums it up best:

“I thought Joomla Day UK was the best tech event I’ve been to, it’s totally energised me for all things Joomla. Before, Joomla was this great but sort of ethereal thing, and now it’s a whole family of real people, which is totally excellent.”

Totally excellent.  Well done, Mr. Wallace and my fellow presenter friends.  A tip of my hat to all of you.

Photos you ask?  Check out Hagen’s, Peter’s, Sander’s, mine (hard to take photos when you’re running 6 sessions), and of course, me with a PICnet Penguin that found a new home in the UK.

See you at Joomla Day Las Vegas?

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