PICnet and penguins enjoy NTC 2009

In what was a terrific non-stop event, PICnetters from across the country descended on the 2009 Non-Profit Technology conference (NTC), April 26-28.

The events started with the Science Fair on Sunday, an opportunity to share with the community the offerings different companies and organizations have for the sector.  We at PICnet have tended to avoid the typical corporate booth, and instead opted for a little spin on the event.  Penguins, traveling more than 20,000 miles to make it to the NTC to remind folks the power of Joomla! and open source software!

PICnet NTC 2009 Science Fair Booth

PICnet NTC 2009 Science Fair Booth

It’s not an NTC with some help from our flightless friends from Antartica.  Despite the recession and the macro economic woes in their way, the penguins pushed north to San Francisco for another year of hijinks.  Nice to have Eben Moglen speaking to the NTC crowd the day of the penguin mass arrival.

PICnet penguins hold court at the NTC 2009

PICnet penguins hold court at the NTC 2009

With our focus on Joomla!, CMSes, and integrations, I wanted to make sure we had a chance to spread the word at a variety of sessions.  While at the NTC, I spoke at the following sessions (more follow-up soon!):

  • Joomla, Drupal, and Plone comparisons
  • CMS sewing circle
  • CRM sewing circle
  • CMS pain points session (great wiki information forthcoming)

We’ll be posting more of our feedback on the different sessions we attended and participated in shortly.  The NTC 2009 was yet another example of the terrific work of the NTEN team and the great leadership of Holly Ross!

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