PICnet ally, Free Range Studios, hits front page of NY Times

At PICnet, we like working with the best of the non-profit technology community, from CRM providers to graphic designers.  So when our friends strike gold, we’re ecstatic.

This morning, our PICnet DC neighbors, Free Range Studios, received front-page coverage from the New York Times on their video “Story of Stuff“, an acclaimed production with inspiration and direction from Annie Leonard.

From the NY Times’ lead:

The thick-lined drawings of the Earth, a factory and a house, meant to convey the cycle of human consumption, are straightforward and child-friendly. So are the pictures of dark puffs of factory smoke and an outlined skull and crossbones, representing polluting chemicals floating in the air.

Which is one reason “The Story of Stuff,” a 20-minute video about the effects of human consumption, has become a sleeper hit in classrooms across the nation.

Congratulations to the Free Range Studios team on this terrific achievement!  Happy hour celebration in DC this week?

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