A Very Merry Unconference: Community Leadership Summit

In my last post, I pointed out how crazy summertime can get with all the events to attend in the nonprofit technology field. To continue that chapter, I wanted to share my experiences from the Community Leadership Summit 2009, also held in San Jose, Cali., in mid-July.

The goals of this “unconference” as they call themselves on their website, are to Advance, Build and Connect. It was the first conference that brought together open source community managers to discuss the success and challenges of managing open source projects.  The audience was mostly community managers, and attendees ran the gamut from OpenID and Sun Microsystems to Gnome and Stanford University.

Leaders from most of the biggest open source projects, including Joomla, Mozilla, Linux, Drupal, and others were present.  I was there as a Open Source Matters board of directors member and leader in the Joomla community, accompanied by Elin Waring, President of Open Source Matters, whom I would work with again at OSCON a week later.

Below is a video someone captured of me speaking about the unconference, lessons learned in organizational management and leadership, and my thoughts on some of the stories and ideas participants were sharing.

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