Making friends, finding talent

ryan_rodrigo_fislAs I’ve said before, one of the greatest things about attending all these conferences is meeting people from all different backgrounds and hearing how their story of why they are in the technology field. Often, those with the most energy and enthusiasm for what they do is the young talent – those are who new to the arena or at least got started within the last few years.

An example of someone who fits this description who really wowed me recently is Rodrigo S. Spillere, a young developer I met at the FISL 10 conference in Porto Alegre, Brazil, earlier this summer. There are times when you meet a young person, and you can see their raw talent ready to rock. Rodrigo is one of those guys.  He’s graduating from a university, and aside from me, he gave the only other Joomla presentation at FISL 10.  He did an amazing job, and he focused on a tool he created for taking UML diagrams and having it build out a full Joomla component.  Additionally, he’s been working on some YouTube integration with Joomla that I think is pretty darn slick!

Fórum Internacional de Software LivreIn addition to the immense knowledge and creativity Rodrigo possesses, I was just really impressed with his overall presentation and attitude. He was completely professional, exuded a great positive energy, and was a blast to have a beer with, too – my kind of guy! Thanks, Rodrigo – you made my trip to Brazil that much more enjoyable – I hope we meet again!

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  1. wow.. Thanks very much Ryan, I hope we meet again too! Very great to meet you! Best, Rodrigo S. Spillere

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