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HAC_logoEarlier this month, PICnet helped the Housing Assistance Council (HAC) re-launch their website, RuralHome.org, on Soapbox, after their old one had been hacked. HAC wanted an easy-to-manage Web site that was secure and could maintain all of their relevant documents and information on providing housing assistance to the rural poor.

While design was not a part of this project, except for a couple of minor tweaks – the emphasis was to provide an option for the organization to quickly move more than 100 pages of content to a secure CMS – and by using Soapbox, they could do the majority of the work on their own with our guidance and strategy for success.

Overall, the project took two months to complete, including fixing up the old site’s code base and then moving the new information over to Soapbox. In the end, all goals were met: expediency, security, and simplicity.

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