Community Access launches new Soapbox site

Picture 5Housing seems to be a theme this summer at PICnet.  Just on the heels of the recent Housing Assistance Council site launch, we helped Community Access launch its new site.  Based in New York, Community Access helps those with psychiatric disabilities find safe and affordable housing and employment opportunities.

Key to the success of the project was the design work by PICnet’s friends at Jessica Weber Design, just around the corner from our New York office in midtown.  Once Jessica Weber Design completed the design and planning process, the PICnet team came in and rolled out the Web development aspect of the site.

It’s always great to work alongside smart professionals, and the teams at Jessica Weber Design and Community Access fit that role perfectly.  The most effective sites are produced when organizations and their consultants really gel together smoothly, and this definitely was the case for the Community Access site.

Congratulations to Community Access on the launch of their terrific site!

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