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thumb_inlSummer is a time to be outdoors, enjoying the sun, sand, woods, and water. Everyone enjoys getting outside and appreciating Mother Nature – so it was only fitting that we recently helped the Institute for Nature & Leadership on an upgrade for their website.

In July, we were asked by the organization to help upgrade their original Joomla site to Non-Profit Soapbox for a couple of reasons: they wanted easier management and upkeep for their content and basic commerce function, improved long-term maintenance and support, and more creative and updated design features like the slideshow that’s now on their homepage.

The entire project was done in just a week – all in time for an event promotion for the organization, so not only was it easy, but it was prompt!

The Institute for Nature & Leadership is a small (team of three!) non-profit organization that assists individuals and organizations in aligning their goals and actions with values inspired by nature. This includes educational events and seminars, consulting, and nature-based leadership management.

Thank you to IN&L for giving us the opportunity to help you out so quickly, and for making it easy to achieve your goals!

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