The PICnet Salon Experience

Even the most thoughtfully designed website needs some attention from time to time. Our clients’ needs change and develop, and their websites must change with them. And as we know, technology changes, too, sometimes so quickly that the next new version of something is out before you’ve barely gotten used to the current one.

So what happens when a PICnet client needs assistance with their website after it has launched? They contact the PICnet Support Team and we get their issues resolved. At PICnet, we are passionate about supporting our clients. They are more than just accounts to us – they – YOU – are our partners. We care about the issues that our clients stand for, and strive to be an integral part of their success.

We have been undergoing a philosophical metamorphosis in the PICnet Support Department over the past couple of months, further articulating what makes us unique, and we are really excited about it! It is a client-forward strategy that we like to call the PICnet Salon Experience. We understand how frustrating technical support can be. We know, because we have to interact with support from dozens of companies ourselves in our daily work. We are constantly frustrated by a lack of responsiveness, unknowledgeable support agents, confusing ticketing systems, and ultimately, unsatisfactory solutions to our problems.

PICnet is committed to being the opposite of that.

With the PICnet Salon Experience, we commit to putting our clients’ needs front-and-center. We strive to answer their questions, resolve their issues, and focus on their requests in a timely and efficient manner. But that is just the baseline. We feel that all technical support departments should do these things and we intend to go beyond that – to try to actively anticipate our clients’ needs, to know our clients by names, to know the mission their organizations are striving for. We are not faceless phone bank workers sweating in another country. We are real people – sitting in Baltimore, New York City, Washington D.C. – and we want our clients to be able to tell that when they interact with us.

Each of us also has a deep understanding of the technology we support. Our clients don’t speak to a front-line button pusher who is going to try to talk away their problem and only escalate the issue to a “manager” upon frustrated insistence.  When clients communicate with a PICnet support agent, they speak with someone who can work with them to solve the issue. If it does happen to be outside their area of knowledge – no one can know everything! – they have a direct line to a partner who will know how to fix it.

We’re striving to make the PICnet Salon Experience a felt reality for our clients. We’ve changed and upgraded our Help Desk to make it easier to use. We’re expanding our knowledge base so that clients can more easily find answers to their questions within a few clicks. We’re including helpful suggestions that clients can use to augment their websites with new features or services. And we’re holding ourselves accountable to our clients by offering a quick 30-second survey at the end of each interaction with us to make sure we’re doing our job and they’re getting the results they deserve.

That’s our commitment. To resolve client issues in a quick and friendly manner, and to work with them – real person to real person – to ensure that their experience is positive and productive. We want them to actually enjoy having to contact our support department.  Isn’t that a novel idea?

That’s the PICnet Salon Experience. That’s PICnet.

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