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thumb_goprojectMost kids have been back back in school for almost a month now, getting into the daily rhythms of classes, homework and extra-curriculars. Parents have their pickup and drop-off schedules down, and teachers are into the thick of their lesson plans.

But not every child and their family starts a new school year with ease- and that’s where The GO Project comes in. Many children in Lower Manhattan public schools are first or second generation Americans with parents who speak little to no English, their families are struggling financially, and they don’t have the resources to fully benefit from the public school system. The GO Project has been addressing the intellectual, social and emotional needs of children attending public elementary schools in lower Manhattan and their families since 1968. Their support services and programs help over 300 struggling elementary school children each year build the confidence and skills they need to realize their potential and succeed at school, at home and in life.

In 2008, The GO Project realized they needed to upgrade their image and website to be more effective and capitalize on the great successes they have built over the years. The organization worked closely with New York strategic marketing communications firm Suka on a complete rebranding effort and site redesign that captures the organization’s great energy and vision. The new design features inspiring photos of GO Project students and programs and an engaging overview video on the homepage, provided with support from Bank of America.

Then PICnet came into play when The GO Project chose Non-Profit Soapbox to be the backbone of their website so their staff and volunteers would be able to easily add and edit content, and so they could spend less time on technical site maintenance. The GO Project was a lucky client in that their site was the first one we developed on our Soapbox 2 platform. One new feature they really enjoy is being able to make quick changes to articles from the front-end of the site.

It was a real treat working with The GO Project to bring their design to life, and we look forward to watching their online presence grow – as well as to see them continue to successfully jumpstart the education for Lower Manhattan’s youth.

Learn more about The GO Project here.

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