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In addition to some of the work we do for clients like site redesigns, upgrades, migrations to Non-Profit Soapbox or Joomla and custom applications, we also like finding cool tools for our clients and partners to use in whatever way works best for them. We’ve written about website, databases, applications, webinars, conferences and more in the past. Today’s cool tool is a combination of many resources – Google. Oh, just Google? you might be thinking. Well, duh, we use Google Docs and Gmail and Google Calendar.

But hold on, don’t click away yet. You might use some of Google’s basic features, but have you really looked into what they do for non-profits? Read on a little more and you’ll see some of the great resources at your fingertips – all through Google.

Google has a dedicated products and services area for non-profits. Their tagline is “You’re changing the world. We want to help.” We like this, because it’s customer-service oriented from the start, and the truth is, they do want to help you do the best job you can, however you’re changing the world. Here are some examples:

Google Grants: This is a no-brainer. When a non-profit applies for a Google Grant, they can use the money towards things like Adwords, and save thousands of dollars for a year or more to bump up their search engine optimization, click-through and conversion rates, and more.

Google Analytics: Analytics is a free, easy to use tool to track site metrics like visits, page views, referrers, keyword searches and more. All it requires is pasting a snippet of code on your site. Metrics. Done.

Some other features include Checkout Apps, Map & Earth, and YouTube. Recently, Google began publishing a monthly newsletter so the public can learn about the nifty technology tools that Google has for non-profits, which can be a very useful to stay updated on the immense amount of work/updates that Google may have for any of its products/services.

As you may know from reading our blog recently, many PICnetters volunteer their time outside of their full time job for non-profits of their choice. They do this by choice because they are passionate about fighting for social causes and help those organizations that have a small or zero technology budget. Some of these PICnetters have also used Google’s tools and have applied for Google grants to help these organizations, and seen great results.

We encourage everyone to sign up for the Google newsletter here, and encourage non-profits to explore and find how these tools can be applied to you. Not sure where to start? Just ask, and we’ll get you on your way.

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