Worthy Wage: a worthy cause deserving a worthy website

ccw_thumbSince 1978, the Center for the Childcare Workforce (CCW) has served as the leading national organization in the call for improving childcare jobs. A program of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), CCW’s mission is to improve the quality of child care by upgrading the compensation, working conditions and training opportunities for child care teachers and family child care providers.

Every year on May 1st, CCW and AFT promote recognition of Worthy Wage Day by organizing a variety of activities to recognize and honor the dedication of early childhood educators and staff and to draw attention to their low wages and minimal benefits. This national day of awareness is just one of the many lasting effects of the Worthy Wage Campaign that CCW organized from 1991-1999.

The Worthy Wage Day hook and their goals of education and research in mind, CCW wanted a content management system that would be easier for them to update so they could more effectively act as an information center for early childhood educators. They also wanted a clean new website design that was more compelling to visitors and better promoted their work and resources. As part of Phase II of their launch, CCW plans to roll out a map of initiatives supporting the childcare workforce by state to encourage their supporters to get more involved locally.

We had a great time working with CCW and look forward to their continued success!  To find out more about their work and Worthy Wage Day, please visit www.ccw.org.

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