40 sites team up to fight cancer

American Cancer Society of California Discovery ShopAmerican Cancer Society of California does great work on one of the most vital issues of our day. To fund this critical effort, they run a network of 40 Discovery Shops that help support the fight against cancer through the sale of high quality, gently used, donated merchandise for men, women and children.

When they came to us asking if we could help create an individual home on the internet for each and every one of these Discovery Shops, we had just one question:

When do we start?

By leveraging the power of Non-Profit Soapbox and crafting a common template for consistent branding across the network, we built 40 sites to promote each individual shop – all efficiently and easily for not much more than the cost of a single site.

No fuss. No muss. Just a high quality network of easy to manage sites to further an important mission. But don’t take our word for it. Hear it straight from Steven Wirt, Director of Online and Internal Communications for the American Cancer Society of California:

“I’ve been very impressed and pleased with Non-Profit Soapbox. Wrangling 40 web sites has been a seamless, pain-free experience.”

And now for a little spin around the beautiful state of California and American Cancer Society’s Discovery Shops:

  1. Auburn
  2. Bakersfield
  3. Belmont
  4. Beverly Hills
  5. Burbank
  6. Chico
  7. Corona Del Mar
  8. Elk Grove
  9. Eureka
  10. Fremont
  11. Fresno
  12. Laguna Niguel
  13. Los Altos
  14. Los Gatos
  15. Menlo Park
  16. Mill Valley
  17. Modesto
  18. Napa
  19. Northridge
  20. Oakland
  21. Pacific Grove
  22. Pleasanton
  23. Point Loma
  24. Rancho Bernardo
  25. Rancho Mirage
  26. Redding
  27. Redlands
  28. Rosevill
  29. Sacramento
  30. Salinas
  31. San Jose
  32. Santa Monica
  33. Sherman Oaks
  34. Stockton
  35. Sunnyvale
  36. Toluca Lake
  37. Upland
  38. Vasalia
  39. Walnut Creek
  40. Yuba city

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