Your Cause. Your Website: Holiday fundraising with YouTube

The holidays are fast approaching.  In fact, they are close enough that you might just be peering at this post through a ring of yellow stickies on your monitor with notes like “Draft holiday fundraising appeal” and “Update mailing list for big $$$ push” alongside “Figure out what the heck to get mom this year.”

Before the holiday stickies completely obscure your monitor, we wanted to toss out an idea for you to consider.  How about adding a video appeal to that big $$$ push to set your organization apart from the crowd?

You can.  It’s free and easy and allows you to leverage the tools the good folks at YouTube provide beyond just embedding videos into your site.

Take a moment to learn about YouTube’s Nonprofit Program to see how you can turn video views into donation dollars.  Interested in some inspiration?  Jump straight to their Video Campaign Tip Sheet for some examples that just might cause some early holiday cheer.

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