CEO Women, a Non-Profit Soapbox Client, Uses New Media to Educate Female Immigrant Entrepreneurs

One of our Non-Profit Soapbox clients, Creating Economic Opportunities for Women (C.E.O. Women), was featured on this week for their innovative approach towards using new media to educate women entrepreneurs.  The organization’s mission is to train and assist immigrant and refugee women to become successful entrepreneurs and small business owners.

C.E.O. Women launched “Grand Cafe,” an educational video series in a Latin Telenovela format, that features immigrant women helping each other to establish their businesses.  Characters range from a Haitian jewelry maker to a Chinese accountant, each learning how to integrate entrepreneurship into their lives.  C.E.O. Women is using “Grand Cafe” to reach out to more than 170,000 women in the San Francisco Bay Area who could benefit from their services, and we’re pleased to see them getting recognized for this.

With the help of our information architect, project manager, and in-house designer, we developed the organization’s website in mid-2008 on our Non-Profit Soapbox 1.0 System.  As C.E.O. Women continues to work diligently to serve a wider clientele, our team at PICnet is constantly improving our technology and services that match their scale of work.

Check out the trailer below:


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