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Joomla!Day South Africa, Cape Town 2009It’s about time that I gave another update on some of my travels to spread the word about PICnet, Joomla! and technology. Over the next few weeks you’ll see installments from my trips to South Africa, Brazil, Mongolia, New York, and more. The key theme? Engaging with Joomla! communities around the world to share our experiences, lessons learned and latest innovations and vision to create a better product for the user – that may be you!

August 13-19, 2009 – Cape Town, South Africa

I’ll begin with my trip to Cape Town, South Africa for their Joomla!Day in August. Among the audience at this conference were Joomla! users and people interested in using it, NGOs, local universities and small businesses. The day before the event there was a training day where I had the opportunity to work with 20 individuals from the community (ex. Food Bank of South Africa) to give them hands on instructions and lessons about using Joomla!.

I was honored with giving the keynote address for the event, and some of the “key” things I addressed was information about the upcoming 1.6 version of Joomla!, and the importance of the project in Africa, especially to disenfranchised communities. This was an important moment- it was the first time that someone from the Joomla! leadership team had ever been to an African Joomla! event, so I was very proud and honored to be there representing the project.

There was a great presence by the organizers of the event: namely Sean Grant, Matthew Philogene and Brendon Hatcher. It was great to meet key leadership from the area and really come together with the people you read about and talk to through email or by phone.

Matt and Brandon give me a sweeping view tour around Table Mountain.

Matt and Brandon give me a sweeping view tour around Table Mountain.

A passionate closing talk by Phehello brought everyone back to a call to action: Joomla! should be utilized to help enable communities across the continent to more effectively share their stories with the world. It truly can be a tool to help organizations within Africa to better engage with their communities, and promote their causes.

It was amazing that these people knew so much and were so pasisonate about Joomla! considering they have bandwidth, pricing, and activity restrictions that make it difficult to fully engage in an online community. It was really great to see them overcome those challenges, given there are only two fiberoptic lines going into the country.

Overall, the event was a great success – check out more here.

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