J!Salesforce available in Soapbox!

We’re excited to announce the availability of our J!Salesforce 1.0 release, connecting Joomla with Salesforce.com!  Even better, for a limited-time, new Soapbox clients (non-profits and socially responsible businesses) can receive J!Salesforce for FREE!

With J!Salesforce, organizations and businesses using the powerful Salesforce.com CRM can now seamlessly share data with the Joomla CMS.

This has been a long and winding road, but we’re proud of the new suite of extensions, and look forward to delivering them to the world.  This release of J!Salesforce 1.0 is currently available to new and current Non-Profit Soapbox organizations and businesses.  Sign-up now!

Key Features

This new suite of tools includes our first step in strong integration of Joomla and Salesforce.com, including:

  • connectivity between Joomla and the Contacts object in Salesforce.com
  • Joomla user registration with additional custom fields that auto-populate a corresponding Salesforce.com new contact
  • profile updating syncing with Salesforce.com
  • search directory extension, providing a searchable interface of your Contacts object from Salesforce.com through your Joomla Web site (especially useful for membership directories)
  • a user-friendly, customizable and templateable search form, results page, and detailed view page for Salesforce.com Contact records in Joomla

This is just the beginning!  Our vision for version 2.0 includes:

  • a multi-object form builder, allowing connectivity between Joomla and any object in Salesforce.com
  • ability to create and edit multiple forms
  • additional administrator management of Salesforce.com records

Limited-time offer

Until November 30, 2009, new Soapbox clients can request the J!Salesforce add-on for FREE!  Interested in signing up for Soapbox with the powerful J!Salesforce connector?  Fill-out our form and we’ll get you started right away.

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  1. Ryan Ozimek

    I’m happy to share that J!Salesforce is also now available for purchase and download at http://www.picnet.net/products/jsalesforce! Additionally, we’ve recently added some demo videos on the product’s page to help you better understand how the software integrates Joomla and Salesforce. Enjoy!

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