Facebook isn’t just for Gen Y: Nonprofits are making the most of it, too

As the number of Facebook users climbs by the thousands every month, the college-age group who first supported its growth seem to be losing interest and turning their attention elsewhere.

While these users aren’t deleting their Facebook accounts altogether, they do appear to be spending less time on the site and exploring new communities and places to connect with their friends. According to at least one source, a significant portion of them are now revisiting Twitter, the micro-blogging site that limits your updates to 140 characters.

So how does this affect your nonprofit’s social media strategy if everyone is competing for Gen Y’s attention?

The first thing to note is that Facebook aging is just a side effect as it becomes more mainstream, which may actually be a good thing for your nonprofit. Depending on your target audience, this may mean leveraging Facebook as a way to reach and engage your audience is now more powerful than ever and it could boost support for your cause, and even online donations. For starters, make sure your Facebook page caters to your audience and has clear objectives and action items for users. For more tips, check out this recent NY Times article (aimed at small businesses, but applicable to any organization).

Second, if support from Gen Y is crucial for your nonprofit (whether for donations, volunteers or spreading the word), it might be time to explore some other options to make sure you are keeping up with your users. As always, it’s most important to find the right match between your objective, message, medium, and audience to achieve your goals and see successful results.

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