Recipe for Success: The Joomla! Cookbook

joomlabook The holiday season is all about delicious foods and favorites, right? Well, this new recipe collection may not have your typical ingredients list and steps to preparing Grandma’s peach crumble, but the Joomla! 1.5 Development Cookbook by James Kennard is perfect for both beginner and more accomplished Joomla! “cooks.”

The cookbook is available via Packt Publishing.  Well-written and thorough, this reference book will not only help introduce new Joomla! developers to the Joomla! framework, but can also serve as a great reference for experienced developers needing to brush up on some best practices. Full disclosure: I was one of the technical reviewers of the book.

Check out the book online, and order it as a holiday gift for that Joomla! lover on your list, or for yourself!

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