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At PICnet, we aren’t just about creating snazzy new websites with sleek design and fancy features. We’re also here to help with your website’s basic needs, like in the case of Port Jobs. We recently worked with Port Jobs’ database contractor to automate Microsoft Access reporting to display current job postings in near-real time on their Airport Jobs site.

Port Jobs chose us after a competitive bid process in which they considered several firms.  Our functionality and a previous relationship with the business favored us in the selection process. But the database revamping is only Phase I – we will now be working on redeveloping Port Jobs in Soapbox, under the same template.

Although this is a rare example, the project was fairly smooth in part because I already understood how their old database was set up – because I had created it when I was an employee with Port Jobs. This made it a lot easier to understand the goal of the database integration, and the limitations and opportunities moving from the current ASP driven site to Soapbox.  In the end, this prior knowledge proved fruitful in a great solution for the client.

As we look toward Phase II, it’s important to note that a new design isn’t always necessary, or desired. We occasionally have situations where a new client wishes to reuse their existing design, but within the Soapbox platform.  A vendor should work with their client’s needs and goals, and sometimes maintaining a current design can be a cost-effective way for a client to gain the power and ease of use of Soapbox without the extra steps of a redesign.

About Port Jobs: Port Jobs is not-for-profit action tank that develops practical programs and supports public policies that increase access to living wage jobs, fostering a more vibrant and equitable economy for residents of and businesses in Seattle and King County. They make good jobs easier to get and good employees easier to find, primarily in the port-related economy.

About Airport Jobs: Airport Jobs is a program of Port Jobs and the primary recruiting tool for many airport and airport-related employers as well as the principal resource for people seeking employment there.

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