Soapbox Site Launch: Turtle Power!

turtleA couple weeks ago, we launched a really great new site for a great and deserving organization – the Turtle Survival Alliance. Now this is a TSA I can get behind! The TSA has been transforming passion for turtles into effective conservation action since 2001. They are involved in some pretty amazing conservation efforts all over the world thanks to their wide network of supporters. For example, check out this incredible story on the rescue of the world’s only known wild Rafetus swinhoei (Yangtze giant softshell turtle) in Vietnam.

This project reinforced some valuable lessons for me:

1) Sometimes it’s the little things One little thing we did on this site that made a big difference was using custom action buttons throughout for Buy Now, Donate Now and Join Now. What an easy small thing it is to replace the standard PayPal buttons to make a more compelling and custom-looking shop.

2) “By your powers combined” (thanks to Captain Planet for this valuable wisdom) The TSA’s site combines the super-powers of some pretty cool third party tools that complement and extend Soapbox. These include PayPal for donations and the shop, Wufoo for membership applications and tracking, Constant Contact for e-newsletters, Embedr for the video gallery, and social media/sharing tools.

tsa3) The power is yours! (thanks again Captain Planet!) As a previous non-profit staffer who fell into the accidental techie role, I get really excited when I see clients exploring all Soapbox can do. TSA’s accidental techie discovered how to make rollover effects for images easily with the Image Manager. She smartly used this to show the front and back of T-shirts in their shop (hover over the image here to see). And just a couple days after launch, our client showed us this great new menu item that she setup on her own.

4) It’s all about results Shortly after the launch, our client reported an increase in membership and product sales. That is the best news of all!

We wish the TSA all the best in their work. To learn more about them, check out their new site at

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