Spring cleaning: New Soapbox tools give site that fresh, clean look

Museum Without Walls screenshot

We love it when new tools we drop into Soapbox get picked up and put to good use by our clients. We love it so much that we think specific examples are worth a mention every now and then.

Take Museum Without Walls, for example. They recently used a few tools that were added to Soapbox in February and March to do a little spring clean up of their site – all in just a few minutes.

What did they do, exactly? First off, they added a brand new slide show to highlight the various programs they offer to educate and engage students in the fight against racism and intolerance.

Second, they took a moment to add a customized page title to feature their tagline – Living History One Voice at a Time – in the address bar across their site and in search engine results.

Third, they upgraded their site statistics by implementing the Google Analytics plugin so they can collect data not just on page views but file downloads and off-site links.

And for a little bonus, they followed some advice shared at the latest Soapbox Salon and added a Facebook Fanbox to better integrate their site with their Facebook page.

All in less than an afternoon. All following step-by-step instructions. All with Soapbox. Spring cleaning was never so easy.

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