Wanted: Stellar Project Manager in Bay Area

At PICnet, we provide a unique environment for non-profits to build their online presence. Our high-touch, high-quality service is what separates from the crowd and keeps our client list expanding.

Interested in joining our team as a Project Manager in our San Francisco office? Read on!

What we’re after

We are looking for a stellar Project Manager in our San Francisco office to deliver the high-quality service our non-profit, association, and congressional clients expect. We’re specifically looking for fun individuals from our non-profit sector with experience in the Web development process (Joomla experience is a huge plus). Our Non-Profit Soapbox platform is a Joomla-based content management system used by non-profits and socially responsible businesses to easily manage their Web communications. We’re looking to keep up with demand by adding the right project management talent to our team.

Juggling multiple projects at the same time is the name of the game while collaborating with a committed team of technology professionals to bring to life the solutions our non-profits need.

What to bring to the table

Although the position does not require a Web programming background, a strong understanding of the Joomla CMS is definitely helpful. You should have a bachelor’s degree, great references, excellent communication skills, connections in the San Francisco non-profit community, and an ability to keep complicated projects on time and on budget. Experience working at consulting shops is also a big plus.

After all the hard work, you’ll need to be willing to have fun and laugh at least twice a workday. The right applicant will not only have the basic tech qualifications, but will truly enjoy working for the non-profit sector.

You’ve got to have heart. You’ve got to be passionate about public service and the social sector. Enjoying the sight of three-foot tall penguins in the office is also a plus.

What’s the real deal

  • Position will be in-house, at our San Francisco location (no consultants please)
  • Salary commensurate with experience
  • To apply, please send cover letter and resume to jobs{at-sign-here}picnet.net, attention Ryan Ozimek. Include your salary history/requirements.
  • In resume or cover letter, explain your past work experience in either the non-profit or public service sectors. Also, please list any content management experience you’ve had, particularly any you’ve had with Joomla.

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