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Demystifying bounce rates

If you, like me, have ever ever scratched your head, dropped your jaw, or clenched your fist at that mysterious “bounce rate” figure in your site analytics, take a look at this fantastic article called “How-to: Improve Your Site’s Bounce Rate (Intro to Google Analytics Advanced Filtering” from the good people at NTEN.

This article will help you understand not only what bounce rates are, but how they are relevant to your site’s success and how you can improve them in a meaningful way.

We learned a lot and know you will too!


Soapbox Site Launch: GIIRS site for B Corporation

As anyone who listens to us for more than a minute or two knows, PICnet is a proud B Corporation.  B Corporation’s triple-bottom-line philosophy of people, planet, and profit resonates with us down to the ground and we polish that little Certified B Corp logo in the footer of our site each day to keep it shiny.

Given this, we were more than happy to bring B Lab on board as a client with the launch of its GIIRS site on Soapbox.  GIIRS, or Global Impact Investing Rating System, is a new effort seeking to expand on the work that B Lab has done thus far – but maybe we should let the GIIRS site itself do the explaining from there:

The impact investing industry is facilitating investments that are not only socially responsible, but which also actively create positive social and environmental impact. In order to scale the impact investing marketplace, investors require an independent third-party impact ratings product that is comparable, transparent, and easy to use.

Interested in learning more about the growing movement to identify and encourage socially responsible businesses like PICnet? Take a moment to read about the innovative work that B Lab is doing to create a new sector of the economy that harnesses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.


Soapbox Site Launch: Partnership for Children and Youth

It turns out, PICnet and Nonprofit Soapbox are nice and portable. Change jobs. Keep the same PICnet.

That’s exactly what Steven Wirt did when he had a change of professional scenery and a web project for his new organization he needed to find a home for.  He called us up and we were happy to dive in:

I’ve worked twice now with PICnet on projects that sit virtually at opposite ends of the web development spectrum. One project involved a large organization, American Cancer Society. The current project is for a six-person nonprofit called Partnership for Children and Youth. The first project involved the simultaneous launch of 40 microsites. The new project involves 39 fewer sites but is no less complex— the redesign, optimization and launch of our organizational website. PICnet has now delivered 41 websites on time, under budget and practically maintenance-free.

- Steven Wirt, Director, Partnership for Children and Youth

41 and counting, Steven. We’ll be happy to be there for 42 and beyond!


Meet Phil Penn Gwynn: Newest PICnet client, accidental techie and video blogger

We love to highlight new sites which have launched and, when possible and helpful, share a glimpse into the special features or stories that make them unique.  The latest site to go live is

Meet Phil Penn Gwynn, Online Communications Director / Bookkeeper / Database Administrator / Webmaster / Video Blogger in his inaugural video blog.  In this ongoing series, he’ll discuss the challenges and opportunities he faces as an accidental techie managing’s online presence.

Good luck with the video blogging, Phil!  We’re anxious to hear more!

For future updates throughout this week and beyond, become a fan of’s Facebook page, follow Phil on Twitter, or check out’s website.


New functionality empowers Renaissance

We love it when a current client reaches out to us to spruce up their site to respond to an evolving need or opportunity that has materialized since it was first launched.  We especially love it when that process can be made to put more power into their hands so their site can be more flexible in meeting their needs.

So when the good folks at the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center came to us with a challenge, we were happy to turn it into an opportunity to empower them to update their site more easily now and into the future.

ren-home-oldRenaissance’s home page had become difficult for them to manage.  Photos that fit their Flash rotating photo banner were getting harder to come by. The results of adding several were just not to their liking and it was getting tedious to manage.  They also were looking for additional ways to drive traffic to key pages on their site as their programs evolved and developed.

ren-home-newEnter Soapbox Slideshow and a little design finessing.  We were happy to work with them to add our Slideshow component that allowed them to more easily update the photos on their site as well as provided the ability to include text that gives valuable background to the photos that highlight the important work they’re doing.

In addition, inclusion of a new Business Support You Need module highlights key content on their site and allows them to update those links as new opportunities and foci arise.

Are you a current client interested in implementing Soapbox Slideshow on your site?  Looking for a little design finessing?  We’d love to hear from you!  Not a current client but intrigued by the possibilities?  Hit us up!