Soapbox Site Launch: Partnership for Children and Youth

It turns out, PICnet and Nonprofit Soapbox are nice and portable. Change jobs. Keep the same PICnet.

That’s exactly what Steven Wirt did when he had a change of professional scenery and a web project for his new organization he needed to find a home for.  He called us up and we were happy to dive in:

I’ve worked twice now with PICnet on projects that sit virtually at opposite ends of the web development spectrum. One project involved a large organization, American Cancer Society. The current project is for a six-person nonprofit called Partnership for Children and Youth. The first project involved the simultaneous launch of 40 microsites. The new project involves 39 fewer sites but is no less complex— the redesign, optimization and launch of our organizational website. PICnet has now delivered 41 websites on time, under budget and practically maintenance-free.

- Steven Wirt, Director, Partnership for Children and Youth

41 and counting, Steven. We’ll be happy to be there for 42 and beyond!

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