Soapbox Site Launch: GIIRS site for B Corporation

As anyone who listens to us for more than a minute or two knows, PICnet is a proud B Corporation.  B Corporation’s triple-bottom-line philosophy of people, planet, and profit resonates with us down to the ground and we polish that little Certified B Corp logo in the footer of our site each day to keep it shiny.

Given this, we were more than happy to bring B Lab on board as a client with the launch of its GIIRS site on Soapbox.  GIIRS, or Global Impact Investing Rating System, is a new effort seeking to expand on the work that B Lab has done thus far – but maybe we should let the GIIRS site itself do the explaining from there:

The impact investing industry is facilitating investments that are not only socially responsible, but which also actively create positive social and environmental impact. In order to scale the impact investing marketplace, investors require an independent third-party impact ratings product that is comparable, transparent, and easy to use.

Interested in learning more about the growing movement to identify and encourage socially responsible businesses like PICnet? Take a moment to read about the innovative work that B Lab is doing to create a new sector of the economy that harnesses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

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