Joomla!Day DC 2010 a huge success

After months in the making, the Joomla!Day DC 2010 was an amazing success. With 5 Joomla book authors, 2 members of Open Source Matters (OSM), 3 international speakers, and even 2 presidents (okay, one was looking a little thinner than normal), the event was destined to be a good show. With a final tally of 115 attendees, it was a terrific start to the Joomla!Day DC tradition.

PICnet brought the party back home to our office in Dupont Circle afterward, because, really, what’s a Joomla!Day without an after-party?  From what I understand, everyone still made their flights home the next day.

I thought I’d include a photo slideshow of the event, and I should be able to share my presentation and keynote video soon.  The planning for Joomla!Day DC 2011 should be getting started soon!

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