New Site Launch: Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council


Welcome to the soapbox family, GPAC!

It was a real pleasure helping to put this site together over the last few months. I wish I could say that I was there from start to finish, but that would be untrue. Initially, Katie Guernsey was the PM for this project, before she moved on to her new gig over at the Mozilla foundation. However, before she left, Katie was able to spend a significant chunk of time conducting audience interviews and undergoing an extensive evaluation process of their current site as part of an expanded discovery budget. The hard work she put into that process made it much easier to join a big project like this mid-stream, and really helped to create a great site that would meet the needs of GPAC and their audiences.

With a big site like GPAC’s, it can be quite a task finalizing the site map and uploading all of the content necessary to launch, but the crew at GPAC did an awesome job working through it, so congratulations are certainly in order! Ryan Belisle, our lead designer, also gets a shout out for totally nailing the design. It’s clean, vibrant, sharp, all of the things the GPAC team were looking for. Great Job, RB!

I’m really pleased with the final product that we were able to deliver on this project, and I look forward to watching this great new site grow over the years to come!

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