Soapbox Throwdown: Three men enter, one man sings

Arrrrrrrrrrre you ready to rumbllllllllllllle!

PICnet is excited to announce the first ever Soapbox Throwdown, a competition amongst PICnet staff to see who can produce the best Soapbox website using only a common template, the great tools Soapbox offers, and their God-given wits.  The winner receives the glory and admiration of his colleagues.

The loser sings karaoke at our team meeting and posts a video of it on PICnet’s blog for all to see.

Who will produce the most compelling map using Soapbox Mapper?  Who will create events so captivating you’ll wish they were real just so you can attend?  Whose slideshows will cause the website’s mission to leap off the screen and lodge itself into your consciousness?

And, who decides the victor of the first ever Soapbox Throwdown?  Well, YOU, of course!

Next week, we’ll be calling on all you arbiters of good taste and excellent implementation to review three websites, one from each participant in the Soapbox Throwdown.  Rate the best and watch the worst show why none of us ever made American Idol.

So it is written!  So it shall be!

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