Soapbox Throwdown: Votes are in, results have been tallied

The Vote

Three contestants entered. Three sites were featured. Voters flocked to the polls and the results have been tallied:

Soapbox Throwdown Results

The Sites

Sustainable Sudamerica 41%: A socially-responsible business emphasizing environmental sustainable travel, Sustainable Sudamerica offers treks throughout South America.

Bread & Hope 33.3%: Operating in Washington D.C., Bread & Hope provides short-term assistance and long-term strategies out of poverty for those in our nation’s capital.

Truth and Justice Foundation 25.6%: The Truth and Justice Foundation is an internationally-focused organization promoting the rule of law across the globe.

The Contestants

The Victor Alex Budak The Natural Quickly on his way to a Rookie of the Year fall season, the kid lived up to his potential in nabbing first place with Sustainable Sudamerica.

The Middle of the Pack Tim Forbes The Wiley Veteran Not spry enough to claim top prize but wiley and cunning enough to avoid putting his vocal chords on the line, the gray beard of the bunch showed that guile and trickery have their place in the Throwdown with Bread & Hope.

The Songbird Tony Larson The Woolliest PICnetter Like Samson, Larson may have lost valuable strength for the contest with the shearing of his once woollier locks in offering the Truth and Justice Foundation.

The Song

Will it be Bohemian Rhapsody? Baby Got Back? Hips Don’t Lie? Tune in tomorrow to the blog for the answer and the vocal stylings of Mr. Tony Larson.

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