B Corporations who love nonprofits

PICnet loves nonprofits. It’s true. We’re head over heels gaga in love. It’s more than just a schoolyard crush or a passing fling. We’ve been faithfully committed to nonprofits in word and deed as our true love from the beginning. Last year, we made it official. We signed on the dotted line. We filed the paperwork. It’s legal and lifelong, an enduring commitment certified through our status as a social-responsible B Corporation.

Why? We’re soul mates, you see – bound together by common missions to make this floating rock we’re spinning on a better place by looking after the planet and its people. It’s bound up in our DNA as a company and permeates our work with nonprofit clients in building websites that help manifest their mission.

PICnet is happy to hang out with like-minded B Corporations who serve nonprofits. The name for such a hip, swinging crew, you ask? Well, B Corporations for Nonprofits, of course! Check out http://www.bcorpsfornonprofits.com, straight out of its bubble wrap this morning, for a full list of nonprofit-loving B Corps and the impressive range of services we offer.

B Corporations for Nonprofits was brought together for a purpose. That purpose was well-put by Randy Paynter, the founder and CEO of Care2, ahead of a press conference PICnet, Care2, and PhilanTech held today in support of the new group:

“Nonprofits today can choose to work with service providers that share their commitment toward bettering society and the planet,” said Paynter. “It’s a way to spend dollars to strengthen, rather than weaken, an organization’s social mission.”

If you’re a nonprofit looking for some heartfelt love and mission-amplifying choice amongst service providers, check out B Corporations for Nonprofits.

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