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Theatre and Technology – Together?

Does this sound like an oxymoron or what? Theatre and technology together on one stage? Well you heard correct. Last night, PICnet DC employees got to see The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, a monologue performed by the incredibly talented Mike Daisey. And to say that this performance made me think more about technology, how we communicate with one other, as well as labor practices in China, is an understatement. Read more »


We’re Quarterly Connecting!

With offices in Washington, DC and San Francisco, CA, as well as having remote workers in Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland, sometimes it’s hard for all of us PICnetters to connect. That’s why late last year, Ryan, the CEO and founder of PICnet, came up with the brilliant idea of getting us all together once a quarter. These soon dubbed “Quarterly Connects” are opportunities for the PICnet team to gather for a full day of strategic planning, reflection, and goal setting. Plus, they’re a chance for us to catch up with one another face-to-face instead of via skype.

I’m excited for our second Quarterly Connect of 2011 which will occur on Tuesday, April 12. Most of the team will arrive Monday night, which I’m sure will lead to an impromptu after-work outing, but the real fun begins on Tuesday morning when we will begin the first of five sessions before wrapping things up at 5:00 pm. It’ll definitely be interesting to find out what’s in store for PICnet in the second quarter of 2011!

If you’re wondering about our office hours for next Tuesday (April 12), we at PICnet will be officially closed with staff having limited access to phone and email but will, of course, handle urgent support requests expediently.