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Greetings! My name is Amber, and I am the newest gem on the PICnet team. I came on board at the beginning of October as a Project Manager in the Washington, DC office. I am very excited to be joining PICnet, and I look forward to helping our clients build and manage their Soapbox sites.

A pure accidental techie — I came to work in this industry (believe it or not) through a babysitting job I had after college. One of my favorite things about being a Project Manager is being able to collect and share some of the best free online tools that are available.

Here are some of the latest gems I have discovered:

  1. For Website Analytics: You likely already have Google Analytics, but did you know that they recently came out with real time traffic data? Now you no longer have have to wait to see how your latest blog post is performing or how many people are visiting your event sign up page for example.
  2. For Supporter Demographics: Try Rapleaf’s Instant Data Tool at Upload a file with the email addresses of your supporters on it and get back some basic demographic data like age, gender and location all for free.
  3. For Collecting Donations on Social Media Platforms: Try Chipin at Although I have not had a chance to implement this personally, this tool seems like an incredibly easy, free and powerful way to facilitate collecting donations from people in your social networks.
  4. For Photo Editing: Try Pixlr at This has many of the basic features and functionalities of Photoshop but it is free and super easy to use.
  5. For Project Management: While we use Basecamp here at PICnet, Manymoon is a fairly robust (and free) project management tool that organizations can use for their internal team to share files, tasks and messages. Check it out at

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