Soapbox Engage: What’s the hubbub?

So your ears perked up when you heard the magic words “Salesforce” and “your website”, but now you want to know what exactly this thing can do.  Here’s a breakdown of the powerful new features that Soapbox Engage will provide, building an easy but powerful bridge to Salesforce for your organization’s data collection and display needs.

1. Online donations

  • create as many donation pages as you’d like
  • include multiple preset donation values
  • provide an open-ended donation value box
  • create auto-response emails after donation
  • credit card processing via, PayPal Website Payments Pro, PayPal standard, or (coming soon) Soapbox Payments
  • an option to select monthly recurring donations
  • donation pages can be related to a campaign
  • successful donations are created as leads in, which can be converted to donors (contacts) and donations (opportunities)

2. Event registrations

  • create as many event registration pages as you’d like
  • monthly calendar view of events
  • upcoming events in a blog-like view
  • multiple event ticketing levels per event
  • start/finish ticketing availabilities per event and per ticket level
  • set capacities for various ticket levels
  • automatic integration with Google Maps for event location
  • event pages can be related to a campaign
  • successful event registrations are created as leads in, which can be converted to contacts

3.  Submit anything to

(ex: petitions, contact us forms, newsletter opt-ins, application forms)

  • user-friendly form creation to send submitted forms to any one object and any field within that object, within
  • easily create thank you/redirect pages
  • customize the design of the base layout of the fields, their hidden/published states, and more

4. Search anything in

(ex: member directories, resource libraries, donor and contact lists)

  • create an unlimited number of user-friendly search forms to hit one object at a time in
  • create results pages with any fields to be displayed from that object
  • create detailed record view pages with any fields from the one selected record found in
  • display a list of records that updates dynamically from your data in

What are you hoping to submit to or search from your instance?  We want to hear the many ways that non-profits will benefit from these flexible tools.  Share your ideas in the comments below.

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