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Far too often, non-profits are left on the dull-edge of technology, sacrificing innovation for affordability.  At PICnet, we believe the ability to effectively raise funds, organize events, and mobilize supporters should be within the reach of any organization.

Organizations shouldn’t have to fundraise to afford the next generation of fundraising software.

As a company dedicated to hitting this challenge head-on, we are thrilled to announce the beta release of Soapbox Engage, the first-of-its-kind suite of donation, events, search, and submit tools that leverage the power of for non-profits. Our goal is to tear down the barriers to entry for organizations that want to more effectively use the Web to collect and expose data from Salesforce.

Soapbox Engage makes it easy to build compelling call-to-action Web pages. Creating donation pages, event calendars, even petitions, can be accomplished with Soapbox Engage and Salesforce, allowing you to ramp up your outreach without straining staff time and budget.

Soapbox Engage has its roots deep in the lessons learned from more than 500 organizations served by PICnet and our Non-Profit Soapbox service.  By leveraging Joomla, one of the world’s most popular open source projects, we’ve created an easy-to-use CMS offering specifically for the non-profit and public sector.  Today, we’re able to leverage that same foundation in the online engagement world.

We’re working to meet the sector’s needs, extending our reach by making mass communication tools that are more personal and engaging.  We’re doing this not by reinventing the wheel (i.e. building yet another CRM tool), but rather by offering an interface atop two of the world’s best software packages:  Joomla and

We are not building another CRM product.  We’re building bridges that will link islands of technology to form a next-generation engagement service.

It might be called “beta” right now, but we’re not starting from scratch. Soapbox Engage is the coalescence of three key PICnet products:  Soapbox Donations (an easy-to-configure contributions/payments front-end), Soapbox Events (slick and great looking events tool for our sector), and J!Salesforce (the connector between Joomla and Salesforce).  You don’t need to build a full CMS from scratch to get these tools, nor a new CRM.  We’re liberating them by providing them alongside your CMS of choice.

Of course, if you want a new website, we can still do that too!

Soapbox Engage is now in beta and is currently being tested by a select few non-profit early adopters before we release it to the public towards the end of 2011. If you can’t wait and would like to participate in the beta, sign up here.  Don’t be shy, your feedback would be appreciated!

For more details on Soapbox Engage’s functionalities, read “Soapbox Engage: What’s all the hubbub about?”.

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