Creating Donation Pages for is an amazing service for non-profits looking to bring order to their fundraising database.  It easily lets you run reports, organize donor data, and even build dashboards that easily keep you up-to-date on donation campaign effectiveness.

However, if you want to build compelling donation pages that automatically process credit cards and send data directly to Salesforce, you’ll need to either have a system custom built for your needs (expensive) or manually copy/import data into Salesforce (labor intensive)…until now.

Our new Soapbox Engage service provides organizations the ability to easily build an unlimited number of donation pages that tie directly into  This allows organizations to save time and money by avoiding needless duplicate data entry.  Even better, Soapbox Engage makes it easy and affordable to segment your donation pages as you need, allowing you to create donation page content that more effectively speaks to your donor’s needs.

Interested in learning more?  Sign-up today for our limited free beta period (October – November 2011) or view our Soapbox Engage website for more information.

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