Event Registration for Salesforce

Organizations are always looking for ways to increase engagement with their constituencies and donors.  A popular way to move supporters up the ladder of engagement is through events, where you’re able to provide a richer experience.  With the high-touch opportunity that events provide, it’s no wonder organizations are trying to host fundraisers, happy hours, galas, and more with potential donors in these tight financial times.

Too often, however, the time needed to setup the right systems to collect event registrations and communicate with attendees takes organizations away from their core competencies.

Salesforce.com makes managing attendee data much easier than the offline spreadsheet or pencil/paper sign-up sheets; however, it still takes time to build compelling Web pages, migrate the data into Salesforce manually, and process credit cards offline.

With our Soapbox Engage service, we’re providing organizations with an affordable and easy events registration tool for Salesforce.com.  In only a few minutes, your organization can:

  • create great looking event registration pages, including Google Maps and iCal integration
  • display an easy-to-understand monthly calendar of your organization’s events
  • offer multiple pricing levels for tickets
  • process credit cards for registrations
  • real-time data collection directly into Salesforce.com campaigns
  • …and much more!

Rather than investing weeks and thousands of dollars hiring a technical consultant to write code from scratch, or having to manually copy/paste data into Salesforce manually, organizations can save tons of time and money using our Soapbox Engage service for event registration.

Interested in learning more? Sign-up today for our limited free beta period (October – November 2011) or view our Soapbox Engage website for more information.

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