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The Salesforce.com adoption rate within the non-profit sector continues to grow.  To be specific, more than 11,000 organization!  With this growth comes a new community of Salesforce consultants focused on helping organizations use these tools effectively.

We’ve sat down with many of these consultants, and listened to their hopes, concerns, and ideas.  How can we help organizations use these to their highest benefit?  What are ways we can help organizations be more efficient with their data processing?

For example, right now it can be time-consuming and sometimes difficult to importing data into Salesforce, especially in real-time from external Web resources.  Think donation pages, event registration pages, petitions, etc.  In tough economic times, organizations are also feeling a budget pinch, and they’re not in a position to invest in custom Web development to connect to their Salesforce instance.

Well, have we got a little pain relief for everyone.

With our recent release of Soapbox Engage, Salesforce consultants can bolt on ready-to-deploy donation pages, event registration pages, web forms, and even searchable directories…all of which talk to Salesforce in real-time.  Even better, consultants are able to keep clients’ CFOs happy with extremely affordable services.

What makes Soapbox Engage such a good fit for Salesforce consultants?

  • Reach new audiences. Our tools open up a world of front-end possibilities that can otherwise be out of reach for many nonprofits.
  • Do more with less. Give your clients the power to do amazing things without breaking their budgets.
  • Put your juicy Salesforce data on display. Why keep your hard work restricted within Salesforce? Build a custom Web app with Soapbox Engage and display your fields on a website without touching any code.
  • Increase your competitive advantage. Reduce implementation time and increase front-end capabilities (you know, higher profitability, lower costs, all that jazz).
  • Scope changes? No biggie. Soapbox Engage is scalable and flexible. Unlimited forms and a user-friendly UI allow you to make changes in a snap.
  • Lower risk, start small. Use Soapbox Engage to build a proof of concept or beta project quickly and without touching a line of code. Where it goes from there is up to you and your client.
  • Clicks not code. Make your clients and project managers happy by giving them more direct control through a user-friendly UI. Make your developers happy by putting more control in your clients and project managers’ hands.

Interested in seeing more? Hop over to Soapbox Engage website to see how we can make a Salesforce consultant’s life easier.

Even better, during our beta period (October – November 2011), organizations can use Soapbox Engage for free!

Want to learn more about partnership opportunities? Contact Lauren Grau at lauren{at-sign here}picnet.net or (415) 230-1996. She’d be happy to share ideas for helping your clients shine.

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