Displaying Salesforce data across a network of sites

On Friday, we enlisted Fozzie Bear to paint a picture of all the great ways you can display your Salesforce data within a website. What if you don’t have one website but two? Or twelve? Or two hundred and twelve?

What if you’re the national headquarters of an affiliate network with fifty affiliates all over the country? Or an international headquarters with affiliates in every major city, borough, hamlet, and village in every country across this fair planet of ours? Tell me: what good is including all that good Salesforce data you’ve got in one measly, little old site going to do for you?

How amazing would it be if you could push all of that data you’re looking to share from just one Salesforce instance to not just one website but to every single one of your affiliate sites?

Honestly, good gentles, ’tis child’s play for Soapbox Engage! Read on! Read on!

You see, here’s the deal: with Salesforce as your database of record for member information or donors or volunteers or whatever data you keep close to your heart but want to shout from the rafters for the world to hear, Soapbox Engage is pre-built to bring the presentation of that data to scale, whatever scale your scale happens to be.

You don’t see yet? Well, I was chatting with a wise man who pulled me aside at a party yesterday and told me…no, not “Plastics!“, don’t get ahead of me just yet..but “Son, if you can’t draw out your fancy idea on a napkin so that it makes sense, your idea ain’t worth doin’!” Let’s see if this holds up to the napkin test.

One Salesforce, Many Affiliates: The Napkin Test

Soapbox Engage Salesforce network napkin I do believe it does. That wise man would be proud. You’ve got the one Salesforce instance there. You’ve got your multiple Soapbox Engage sites for your affiliates there. You’ve got the little arrows representing the data getting pushed to those affiliates. Yep! Seems to pass.

So, in our example from Friday, all two or twelve or one hundred and twelve individualized affiliate sites can display the same profile information for Fozzie Bear from the same Salesforce instance. And if you need to update Fozzie’s email address, do it once in Salesforce and it is updated on all of the affiliates, just like the napkin says.

The napkin doesn’t lie. Trust the napkin. The napkin knows.

See it now? Want to see more? Sign-up today for our limited free beta period (October – November 2011) or view our Soapbox Engage website for more information.

Already a Soapbox client with Salesforce goodness and an affiliate network you’re trying to herd like cats? This is cat herding simplified! And, better yet, we can chat about how you can give Fozzie the ability to update his own email address in your Salesforce account to save you the headache. One less cat to herd. Give us a meow to learn how we can implement these tools on your site.

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