Salesforce + Soapbox = $ ?

I humbly present the following series of statements leading to a hypothesis for your consideration.

Be it that funders view the essential equation of nonprofit life thusly:


And said funders usually hold to the principle that:




If the equation is altered by introducing Salesforce and Salesforce represents a set of variables holding program-related data which is integrated with said website such that program-related data can be displayed, added to, or edited on said website so that it follows that:




And, given that Soapbox is a website:


Or, to simplify:


Ergo, for this and so many other reasons:

Salesforce + Soapbox = LOVE

Penny for your thoughts

Have a counterpoint? A story which supports the hypothesis? A compelling test case that could offer evidence for or against? Share your thoughts in a comment here or reach out to us! Let’s move from theory to practice!

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