Easy to use + easy on the eyes = easy to update!

Not feeling inspired to add new content to your website? Don’t let a difficult platform get in your way! Our Non-Profit Soapbox CMS was designed for accidental techies like you so that you can leave your troubles behind and focus on what’s important—adding fresh, engaging content for your audience!

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

“The ease of use on the back end, and the great design on the front makes generating the content for us a much more enjoyable task. Because it looks great, and it’s easy to update, I think we’ve been much more proactive in getting fresh content on there, so that’s a huge plus for us.”

This insight is from Matt Clark, Communications Associate at the Coast Guard Foundation who recently launched a stunning new website on our Non-Profit Soapbox platform. The Coast Guard Foundation (CGF) is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of the men and women of the Coast Guard and their families. You could never tell that CGF is over 40 years old thanks to the gorgeous face-lift courtesy of longtime PICnet partner, Big Duck. But CGF also got an upgrade under the hood with our accidental techie-friendly Soapbox CMS.

CGF Screenshot

We look forward to watching the CGF site grow thanks, in part, to a platform that works for you and doesn’t make you work for it.


Want a beautiful new site? Contact us or our friends at Big Duck to get started today.

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