Google on SEO: What’s good for users is good for search engines

From time to time, non-profits come to us wondering what they can do to improve their search engine standings. We recently came across a great video straight from the horse’s mouth, specifically Matt Cutts of Google, that serves as a great reminder of what is really the secret behind good search results—good websites! Watch this video to see what we mean, but here are a few spoilers:

  • speedy sites get higher search rankings
  • good looking sites get more love
  • well-organized sites make search engines happy
  • clear and valuable content can never be underrated

All these items are also what keep your users coming back, so a good rule of thumb is: what’s good for users is good for search engines!

If you would like to explore more accidental techie professional development, here’s another gem for fun: Underscores vs dashes in URLs (Oh, Google, what would we do without you?)

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