B Corps Helping B Corps: Have You Seen My Stapler?

As a B Corp, PICnet puts an emphasis on people, environment, and then profits.  We have higher legal standards and must meet comprehensive social and environmental standards.  For many businesses, this school of thinking might be backward, but for B Corps, it’s a part of our vision and goals. There are more than 450 B Corporations in 60 various industries across the United States and Europe.  PICnet was proud to become a B Corp in April of 2010.

So it makes perfect sense that as a B Corp, we support other B Corporations whose similarly-minded business models fit in so perfectly with ours. When I learned about Give Something Back, a fellow B Corporation that offers office supplies at a cheaper rate than the average office supply chain, I jumped at the chance to purchase and help support a fellow B Corp. What I found is that the products were not only much cheaper, but I also received free shipping AND had them delivered next day.

Sounds great so far, right? Here’s the kicker: Give Something Back donates 75% of their profits to their community; that is 75x the national corporate giving average! They’ve been changing the game since 1991 and were one of the founding B Corps.

Give Something Back logo B Corporation logo

I would definitely recommend Give Something Back to anyone who’s looking to fill their office with durable supplies while also helping a B Corporation that is a shining example of the positive impact business can have on the world.  Missing your stapler? Call Give Something Back today!

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