Google teams up with PICnet client to fight human slavery

It always warms our hearts to see our organizations get the support they deserve.  Earlier today, a new link appeared on the homepage. “‘Tis the season. Google supports organizations that are changing the world.” homepage on Dec 14, 2011

The reason? The Google Foundation announced a $40 million grant allocation to non-profit organizations, including our Soapbox client, Polaris Project, to help tackle important challenges around the world. One of their key areas of focus, “fighting human trafficking and modern-day slavery,” is the cornerstone of the work done by our friends at the Polaris Project.

The $11.5 million for this area is believed to be the largest-ever corporate grant devoted to the advocacy, intervention, and rescue of people being held, forced to work, or provide sex against their will.

“Whether it’s by calling the national human trafficking hotline, sending a letter to their senator, or using online advocacy tools, millions of Americans will be able to use their voices to ensure that ending this problem becomes a top priority,” said Bradley Myles, executive director of Polaris Project.

Congratulations to our friends at the Polaris Project for their terrific efforts!

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