Reason #5 to add the Soapbox User Summit to your calendar

So you know that the Soapbox User Summit promises affordable training and Salesforce goodness, but this week we’re going to focus on yet another perk of joining your greater Soapbox family in DC on April 19th:

Reason #5: Keep the momentum going from 12NTC

In two weeks nonprofit techies from all across the country will be descending upon San Francisco for the annual Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) hosted by the friendly folks at NTEN.

- If you are lucky enough to attend NTC this year, you will undoubtedly be steeped in the best of non-profit technology and innovations, so what’s best way to put all that learning to good use other than by joining the PICnet team for hands on training and brainstorming about your website’s future.

- If 12NTC is not in your stars, you’ll have the opportunity to absorb the highlights from fellow Soapbox clients and PICnetters alike and put them to work for your Soapbox site.

Join us on April 19th to keep the non-profit techie energy flowing in all the right directions. Register now

Stay tuned for the next 4 reasons why you shouldn’t miss SUS12.

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