We love our Project Managers and so do our clients!

We PICnetters are lucky to get a firsthand glimpse into the inner workings of social change agents in action. Our non-profit clients are why we exist in the first place … what can I say, we love our clients! We feel even more fortunate to know that the feeling is mutual. We thought we’d share some recent praise for one PICnetter in particular, Amber Manning, our newest project manager.

Amber had the pleasure of working with Groundswell (née DC Project), an organization dedicated to combating both economic inequality and environmental decline by promoting clean energy in local communities. Groundswell underwent a rebranding and needed a new website to match their new face to the world.


Amber walked them through the sometimes arduous process of preparing a website for launch and her guidance was more than appreciated. Groundswell’s Director of Communication, Elizabeth Seaberry, shares,

“Anyone who has ever tried to launch a website knows that the process is consistently demanding, often overwhelming and the focal point of your life throughout the project’s duration. We were lucky enough to work with Amber Manning whose supremely good management abilities helped to ease some of the more challenging dimensions of the project and lead us across the finish line with our humor intact.

Amber’s impressive technical knowledge is complemented by her affable manner and willingness to answer any question quickly and without a hint of frustration. I would be hard-pressed to find a project manager as capable and enjoyable to work with as Amber is.”

Feedback like this is what makes every PICnetter get out of bed in the morning. Check out the new Groundswell website to check out their labor of love for yourself. Learn more about Amber or the rest of the PICnet team to see if we’re the right match for your next project.

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