Reason#4 to Attend the Soapbox User Summit

The countdown continues with reason #4 to convince your boss you shouldn’t miss the upcoming Soapbox User Summit on April 19th.

Reason #4: Share tips & tricks with fellow Soapbox clients

So we know you are quite fond of reaching out to your favorite PICnetters to garner advice on non-profit tech best practice for your org’s website (and why wouldn’t you be with our 11 years of experience in the trenches), but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bounce ideas off other Soapbox clients as well?  Join us in fostering the greater Soapbox community so that you can multiply the wealth of resources you have at your disposal to make a compelling, inviting website.

At SUS12, we’ll encourage fellow Soapbox clients to share tips, tricks, and war stories so that you will walk away with a whole new arsenal to support your mission.

Register today to join the crowd.

Stay tuned for the next 3 reasons why you shouldn’t miss SUS12.

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