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Secure online donations with real time Salesforce integration

Real time is so much better than fake time. Invest 94 seconds of real time to learn how Soapbox Engage integrates in real-time with to make your nonprofit more efficient and effective in accepting online donations.

Want to keep your existing website but implement integration for your web presence? Let’s talk!

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Soapbox Worldwide Watch: Six continents with Nigeria – or is it seven?

On April 6th, we were happy to announce that with the launch of Great Place to Work Greece, Non-Profit Soapbox entered its twenty-second country.

We’ve been busy with our friends at Great Place to Work since then as well, launching sites in Colombia, Sri Lanka, and now Nigeria, our first country in Africa.

With today’s launch, Soapbox now hosts sites for country locations on six continents – seven, if you’re feeling geopolitically adventurous and want to grant Chile, Argentina or Great Britain their claims to Antarctic territory since there are Soapbox sites in each.

Or perhaps Phil Penn Gwynn’s site is targeted his fellow sistern and brethren on Antarctic shores.


And the #1 Reason to Attend the Soapbox User Summit Is…

The Soapbox User Summit is dangerously close, but it’s not too late to throw your hat in the ring. At long last, we’ve come to the end of our countdown for the top 7 reasons why you can’t afford to miss this whopper of an event. This is without question the most critical and compelling argument we could muster …

Reason #1: Everyone goes home with their own penguin

You’ll walk away from SUS12 with a new best friend and accidental techie, Phil Penn Gwynn, who can be that inflatable birdie on your shoulder as you tackle the latest and greatest updates to your website. What more could you ask for?

We can’t wait to welcome you on April 19th!

If you haven’t already, register now (while supplies last hehe).


New Soapbox site abolishes website tyranny for HALT

HALT logoWe love to see clients dash off the starting line with a new Non-Profit Soapbox site that they can effectively manage on their own to better serve their missions. Meet HALT, the latest Soapbox site to sprint out onto the interwebs.

HALT, or Help Abolish Legal Tyranny, is the nation’s largest legal reform organization – a nonprofit, nonpartisan public interest group of more than 20,000 members. Read more »


Reason #2 for crashing the Soapbox User Summit party

One week until the entire PICnet team descends upon DC for the Soapbox User Summit! Why should you join in?

Reason #2: Offer your ideas for improving Soapbox

One of the biggest benefits of working with PICnet is that you are teamed up with folks pushing the envelope of non-profit technology and developing cutting-edge tools to keep your mission on track. We’re always glad to hear from you on how we can improve Soapbox so you can better meet your mission. Soapbox User Summit attendees will get a chance to chime in with their suggestions while picking the brains of the engineers and designers behind the product. Talk about tapping the source!

Don’t miss the Soapbox User Summit on April 19th, register today!..

Stay tuned for the #1 reason why SUS12 should be on your calendar.


Smarter secure payment forms and real time Salesforce integration

Non-Profit Soapbox can be your cash register. Want to accept donations or member dues or payments for event registrations without having your donor or member or attendee ever leave your site? Yep, you can do that. Our tools are tight with PayPal,, and Braintree so it all happens behind the scenes and you keep your visitor your visitor – rather than shuffling them off elsewhere.

What’s more Read more »


Soapbox Worldwide Watch: And Greece makes twenty-two

With the launch of Great Place to Work Greece today, Non-Profit Soapbox hosts sites in twenty-two different countries and has clients sharing content in at least eight different languages including Arabic, Japanese, Spanish, Greek, Polish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian.

How very cosmopolitan of Soapbox, eh?


Hat tips to Non-Profit Soapbox users: a bug found is a bug squished

It’s great to be in a community of rock star non-profits doing amazing things for the social good. PICnet exists to make their jobs easier and their efforts more powerful. It’s not about PHP and Javascript for us. It’s about their missions. Read more »


Reason #3 to Attend the Soapbox User Summit

Only two weeks until the Non-Profit Soapbox event of the year!  Why should you attend?

Reason #3: You’ll get to meet Brad, our Support Developer Guru

To know Brad is to love him.  You’ve had the pleasure of engaging with the charming Brad Grochowski via email.  Some of you might even be lucky enough to chat with him on the phone.  Put a face to the name and meet the man behind PICnet’s smiling support desk.

Brad will be around to let you know how to get the most out of PICnet’s support service, which is really the cornerstone of the Non-Profit Soapbox model.

You’ll also get to meet the rest of the PICnet team, so register today!

Stay tuned for the next 2 reasons why you shouldn’t miss SUS12.


Soapbox and Salesforce are solid as a rock

Pick up any dime store counseling book. Listen to any celebrity psychologist on television. Call Dr. Phil personally. You’ll find out the same thing: excellent communication is the foundation of any good relationship. With some recent additions to Non-Profit Soapbox, we’re guaranteeing the relationship between Soapbox and Salesforce is solid as a rock. Read more »