Hat tips to Non-Profit Soapbox users: a bug found is a bug squished

It’s great to be in a community of rock star non-profits doing amazing things for the social good. PICnet exists to make their jobs easier and their efforts more powerful. It’s not about PHP and Javascript for us. It’s about their missions.

When that PHP or Javascript produces a bug, though, we always appreciate it when our community alerts us so we can squish the little guy. We wanted to doff our hats to these fine folks that have helped improve the platform for all:

  • Many thanks to the good folks over at Active Minds for pointing out a very obscure and rare bug in uploading images or documents using our Salesforce Submit tool. All set now!
  • Hat tip to Christian Community Development Association for catching an issue with the Country drop down on the registration form for Soapbox Events. Glad our northern neighbors can register properly now!
  • Kudos to the good folks at CORE Group for alerting us to odd behaviors with creating Salesforce records during the Soapbox Events registration process, if an ampersand was included in a field on the registration form.
  • Appreciation for the champs at Great Place to Work tipping us off to the fact that the pesky ampersand also caused issues with RSS feeds.
  • And thanks to ERASE Racism for pointing out a situation with our Taxonomy component where videos weren’t embedding properly.

Bugs found. Bugs squished. Platform improved. All thanks to all our eagle-eyed Soapbox users for helping us make Non-Profit Soapbox mo’ betta!

Oh, and by the way, we’re amped for the upcoming Soapbox User Summit on April 19th so we can hang out with all the good folks using Soapbox. You’re coming, right?

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