Smarter secure payment forms and real time Salesforce integration

Non-Profit Soapbox can be your cash register. Want to accept donations or member dues or payments for event registrations without having your donor or member or attendee ever leave your site? Yep, you can do that. Our tools are tight with PayPal,, and Braintree so it all happens behind the scenes and you keep your visitor your visitor – rather than shuffling them off elsewhere.

What’s more, the payment form is protected through a secure socket layer (SSL) connection – all as part of the default setup for Soapbox so you don’t need to worry about paying for and maintaining an SSL certificate of your very own. And that SSL connection causes the nifty little lock to appear in your visitor’s browser bar so they know their credit card data is safe.

Now the “secure payment forms” part of this headline has always been in Soapbox. That’s old news. What is new news is the “smarter” portion of the headline. With last night’s update of Soapbox, if you have a password protected area of your site and a visitor logs in, they’ll still be logged in when they go to a payment form. And, since they are logged in, Soapbox will automatically fill in their First Name, Last Name, and Email address into the Contact Information section of the form – plus give them access to event tickets restricted just to logged in users.

And, if you have the connection between Soapbox and on your site, that donation or dues payment or registration payment is automatically stored in Salesforce, gently and neatly placed where it needs to go for real time reporting.

Example of smarty pants payment process

Let’s look at an example, shall we?

1) Phil visits your Soapbox site

Phil avatar

2) Phil logs in

Login module

3) Phil makes a donation. Soapbox knows Phil and fills in Phil’s info.

Donation prefill example

4) Phil registers for an event. Soapbox knows Phil and fills in Phil’s info.

Event prefill example

5) Phil’s filled in data is funneled to Salesforce where it is fancily associated with Phil’s Contact record on the flipside

Funny how it all fits together so fantastically, eh?

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  1. Paul Wessel says:

    Love the picture of Phil!

  2. Tim Forbes says:

    He loves the limelight. He always begs us to include him and is pleased when we do:!/somephil/status/190553697116372992

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